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Will Move You provides free estimates either online, over the phone, or in person. To provide you with the most accurate estimate we will require some information from you first. Listed to the left are important facts we need to know to provide you with the best estimate possible. Please fill out the contact information below to reflect on your needs!! Thanks, if we work together we can both be prepared and ready for your moving day.

Thank You for your request, all mail will be reviewed and responded to within 48 hours.

For deliveries or on-call after hours moves please call 905-714-6652 for immediate assistance.

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Moving Details

* # of bedrooms
* Furniture Listings
* Apartment or house
* Elevator or stairs
* Piano / Organ
* Extra large furniture
* Approx # of boxes
* Basement
* Washer / Dryer
* Chest freezer
* Extra large entertainment center
* Location of move - from - to
* Filing cabinets
* Multiple Pick ups/ Drops
* Storage Units
* Please describe any special considerations
* Loading and Unloading accessibility
* Manpower required